So you’re out house shopping. You see this absolutely perfect house. Immediately your mind races into dream mode… “This is my dream home!” you say to yourself. The wife, the kids, the back yard grilling, the….. (ding dong). Snap back into reality, Buster. You clear your throat, straighten your shirt and go for the info brochure. “I can’t wait to show this one to my wife.” you say. As you open the lid… (dum dum dum) the brochures are GONE!!! (or straight up ruined because they’ve been rained on and all the ink has ran together. So what do you do? Oh, wait, there’s a web address for the realtor. Holy Moly, it’s super long. Well, you can do this. Just try to make it in to a song or something. Aw, man….there’s got to be a simpler solution.

Ok realtors. This happens all the time. So why not hook your potential buyers up with something that actually works all the time. Get a QR Code for each of your properties and connect it to a mobile optimized site. You can track it. You can generate leads immediately. And…well, it’s just cool.

Squiggly Marketing can provide QR Code and Mobile Web Solutions for you. Contact us today to discuss your options…And get rid of the info box, forever!


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