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Squiggly Marketing provides personalized business consulting to improve the online presence of business owners. Stop spinning your wheels trying to figure out what to do.  Let’s grow your business and get more customers.

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Here’s My Approach

Instead of just trying to give everyone the same thing, I want to find out what your needs are through a personalized consultation.  This will uncover internal friction points in your sales process. Together, we will map out a system to streamline your workflow and develop a step-by-step plan to establish you as a leader and recognized authority in your industry. You’ll come away with a better idea of how you can improve your business right away.

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Solving The Main Problem

But, how do you know what that could be? It’s often very hard to know what is holding you back because you’re too close to the problem to see it and you’re emotionally involved. What if you could get a free consultation with someone who understands what you’re facing? We could talk about your business and the specific problems you encounter every day and come up with specific, actionable solutions that you can implement right away.

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Getting Results

Since I want to give each of my clients my full attention, I only accept a limited amount of clients at one time. This allows me to really focus on your needs and come up with ideas to help you succeed. Are you tired of trying to figure it all out by yourself? Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone who really understands what you’re facing working for you? We could talk about your specific problems and come up with actionable solutions.

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Services Offered:

  Review Acquisition & Management 
Brand Visibility Management
  Search Engine Optimization
Website Design or Redesign
   M-Print Solutions

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